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Hike 6: Look, Ma! No Oxygen!

Dr. Negativity – the one who keeps saying I’ll never be off oxygen – is finally coming around. Might I be off oxygen by the end of the summer? I decided to try a hike without Gus and see how my lungs kept up without their training wheels.

Getting a taste of Yellowstone in Kentucky

Its late January and we’ve been getting hit with cold and snow pretty consistently  for a couple of months now. Taking the dog for a walk has become an exercise in endurance for both of us — and that’s on the days where she doesn’t just run out, do her business and then make a bee line back to the door. Cabin fever has set in. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter. I would much rather be dealing with temperatures on the southern end of 70 degrees, wind chill or not. Pulling on a pair of thermals under my pants is no big hardship to me. And living in that big, bulky hoodie for a few months? I welcome it. But what do to on those days when you’re tired of being cooped up and you feel like if your dog runs a circle around the room one more time you just might hog-tie her and hang her from the ceiling fan? I slap on one more layer of clothes, grab the long leash …