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I’m tackling the 52 Hike Challenge – a call to improve health and well being by hiking 52 times. The rules are simple: Hike 52 times. My challenge to myself is to hike 52 times in 52 weeks. For more information or to sign up for your own Challenge, visit

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Blogger’s Note: (Logo above courtesy of I wrote this post, oh, probably three months ago.  I tried to start the challenge introduced in this post in October, but it was a fail. So was restarting my blogging at that time. But, we’re through the holidays and on to the lonnnnng haul of winter, where there’s nothing to do but wait for spring. (And hike!) My life is a mess of halves right now. I have half-unpacked boxes stacked in corners and shoved into closets – even though I moved almost a month ago. There are half-written blog posts and half-edited pictures and videos littering my laptop. I have a half-eaten sandwich next to me. And don’t forget the half-dead mutt laying in the floor next to my desk because I’m ignoring her begging right now. Eventually, I’ll get my life together again. But until then, I’ll stop neglecting my blog. Summer got a bit nuts there at the end. I wish I could say I took off on a grand adventure, or spent more time …