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A collection of posts about adventures in New Mexico.

Back on the grid!

I’ve been off the grid for almost 24 hours now. My Blackberry went dead yesterday and, in a continuance of my electronic problems this trip, my car charger has gone missing. But I have backup! My regular wall charger works in the car when I plug an a/c converter into the power port. 🙂 We just can’t put the car in park until I unplug my contraption. After Amanda and I posted our first vlog entry yesterday morning, we departed Colorado for New Mexico. I really thought I would be more broken up to leave so quickly, but I’m so excited to see new things on this trip that I was over it before we hit he state line. Someday I’ll buy my mountain and build my glass house so I can see the breathtaking beauty of the Rocky Mountains 24/7/365. Of course, I’ll have piped in oxygen so Amanda won’t have to deal with altitude sickness. Our first stop in New Mexico was Capulin Volcano. Can you say you’ve walked into the mouth of …