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Past the Print

Fountain at Freedom Plaza

Waaaaaaay back when I first joined the staff of The Northerner a few of the editors started blogging. I say started because I only remember one blog having one entry and then they kinda just died. The one blog I remember was the editor in chief’s, titled “Past the Print.” In it, she would talk about some of the things that happened in the newsroom while we were creating an issue or something interesting about a story that didn’t make it through the editing process. Or at least that was the intent of the blog. Like I said, there was only one entry.

For example, if she had covered the rally at Freedom Plaza about distracted driving, she would have included in her blog that a fire alarm went off at the National Press Club just as the rally was starting and that the looks of disappointment on the organizers faces were priceless. They were already getting discouraged because few people had arrived. The fire turned out to be a false alarm. By the time we made it down the steps from the thirteenth floor, the fire trucks were already pulling away. (You can read my story here.)

The Venezuelan bill Cesar contributed to the Rogue States wall.

I capped off the day with a burger from Rogue States Burgers in Dupont Circle last night. Good burgers, kinda high cost. ($10 just for the 1/2 pound burger and a drink. No fries. I should also take into consideration its location.) Its definitely not a place I’d go often. But the cool thing about the restaurant was the dollar bill wall. Guests sign dollar bills with their names or whatever sentiment strikes their fancy and the staff tapes them to the wall.

Cesar, SHFW’s international intern from Venezuela, contributed a bill from his country and added his sentiments about Hugo Chavez. While I agree with Cesar’s decree, I edited his verb out of this photo so I don’t get in trouble for obscenity. (It was a four-letter word that rhymes with Chuck. 🙂

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