Well, this just sucks.

I’m the daughter of a die-hard Reds fan. I grew up listening to Marty and Joe call games on WLW and hated every second of it. I didn’t understand the game and it was a sport, therefore for boys only. It wasn’t until I was 18 or 19 that I actually watched a game from beginning to end and was hooked. For the next couple of years I lived and died with Reds wins and losses … mostly dying. The start of each season brought new hope that that would be the year the Reds finally win it all.

Then I went back to school. Even thought I didn’t take summer classes, it was just too difficult to watch every single game. Besides, it got kind of old being known as the girl who always carried around a radio and earbuds so she can listen to the games wherever she happened to be.

So I guess I haven’t paid my dues as much as some other people, but I’m still upset that out of all the 25 baseball seasons I spent in Cincinnati, the Reds would choose this one to make it to the post season. I’m stuck in a town that doesn’t even have a baseball team (the Nats do not count). Even though I’m stuck in DC through the post-season, I’ll be cheering for the Reds and catching as many games as possible!

Here’s a clip of Bruce hitting the walk-off homer that had everyone in Redsland celebrating a merry clinchmas:



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