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A collection of posts about adventures in Colorado.

Vlog: The Adventure of a Lifetime

We made this video last night during the storm, but it took literally all night to finish uploading. I would like to point out before you watch this that we did not practice, rehearse or do anything on purpose. This is a direct consequence of spending toooo much time in a car. And yes, we did make it up at 4:30. Its 4:43 Mountain Time right now. 🙂

This is what happens when you spend two days in a car

Despite how it ended, today was absolutely amazing! I’m having trouble with deciding if I should start at the beginning of the day or the end. Hmmmm. Well, I guess I could start by saying that I’m currently sitting in a cabin — excuse me, kabin — at a KOA near Colorado Springs. And while I’m disappointed that we pansied out and are sleeping inside four walls, I’m over it already. We spent most of the evening outrunning a storm and it finally caught up to us. After we left Rocky Mountain National Park (more on that later), we skipped out on stopping in Denver to try to get to Pike’s Peak before it closed. Fail. We arrived at the gates about 15 minutes before they were locked up for the night. So we doubled back to go to Garden of the Gods. Semi-fail. The clouds of the impending storm were already rolling in, so the park was rather dusky and we couldn’t really get any good pictures. We plan to go back in the …

Home sweet home

Where do I even begin? Last night we camped at Bonny Lake State Park, barely over the state line in Colorado. It was about 9:30 p.m. before we arrived, and we were tired. We hadn’t eaten since lunch, but no one realized that until this morning. We pulled into the park in the pitch-black darkness with one heckofa thunderstorm visible in the distance behind us. We had been watching the lightning on the highway for several miles already. The dark county road we followed to get to the entrance of the park was a little creepy and covered in frogs. We couldn’t see anything beyond the beams of our headlights and bugs were hitting our windshield at such a high frequency it sounded like it was raining. At one point, we saw some kind of animal sitting in the road, then it spread its huge grey wings and flew away. It was an owl — the first one I’ve seen outside the zoo. I have video, but of course I can’t post it until I …

Get your Griswold on

I’m sure you’ve seen, or at least heard of, “National Lampoon’s Vacation.” You know, the movie where Chevy Chase loads up the family in their station wagon and shenanigans ensue while they’re on a great American adventure. Well, that just happens to be one of my dad’s favorite movies. When I was growing up I was lucky enough to take many family roadtrips, three or four of them out west. When I say “lucky” I’m not being sarcastic. Sure, when I was a teenager I wasn’t thrilled about being cooped up in a vehicle for a 12-hour drive, but at least I had the entire third-row seat of an SUV to myself. Looking back, the times when I was most miserable were some of the best memories I have. Like the year we started out with the intent of staying in Colorado Springs for a week, but instead decided to drive north through Wyoming, checking out Mt. Rushmore and Wall, South Dakota on the way home. Or the time we visited Tombstone, Arizona and got …