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This is what happens when you spend two days in a car

New Gypsy Trip TagDespite how it ended, today was absolutely amazing! I’m having trouble with deciding if I should start at the beginning of the day or the end. Hmmmm. Well, I guess I could start by saying that I’m currently sitting in a cabin — excuse me, kabin — at a KOA near Colorado Springs. And while I’m disappointed that we pansied out and are sleeping inside four walls, I’m over it already. We spent most of the evening outrunning a storm and it finally caught up to us.

After we left Rocky Mountain National Park (more on that later), we skipped out on stopping in Denver to try to get to Pike’s Peak before it closed. Fail. We arrived at the gates about 15 minutes before they were locked up for the night. So we doubled back to go to Garden of the Gods. Semi-fail. The clouds of the impending storm were already rolling in, so the park was rather dusky and we couldn’t really get any good pictures. We plan to go back in the morning for a few quick photos before heading to New Mexico.

And here’s where things really started to get interesting. We had called ahead to confirm availability of a campground at Garden of the Gods campground, and I was told that we didn’t need to make a reservation. Well, after some difficulty finding the campground, we had even more trouble finding anything in it. We had to use a map taped to the door to discover that we needed to exit the park and take a side road to get to the tent campgrounds. We finally found the street and it was dark and none of us were particularly comfortable with it. The road dead ended inot what looked like a gravel pit where everyone pitched their tents together and parked their car back down the street.

Considering the thunder and lightning going on all around us and the creeepy man sitting alone at the only tent pitched in the gravel pit, we were ready to get the heck outta Dodge. In my hours of research before this trip — make fun of the nerd, but I saved us today! 🙂 — I found a KOA about 15 minutes from the Garden of the Gods campground. We made a quick phone call, secured a cabin reservation and ended up here. The rain moved in about as soon as we got here, and sitting in my air conditioned cabin, I was never happier to not be in a tent.

I know I’ve been promising to post pictures and video, but I’m having serious technical difficulty this trip. First my camera battery died and the charger I just bought that worked at home, no longer works. So I bought a cheap digital camera from Wal-mart. Today, I completely filled the hard drive on my laptop when I cleared the memory of my flipcam. (The external hard drive I currenly have is already full of pictures and video.) And even though I have Wi-Fi, it’s not the fastest thing and I’ve been unsuccssful at uploading anthing thus far.

I know, Promises, promises. But I am trying. 🙂

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