To those who’ve gone before

New Gypsy Trip TagIn keeping with the spirit of roadtrips I wanted to share with you some of the websites I’ve come across in my online meanderings while preparing for this trip. I haven’t found anyone else who has camped their way across the country though. Pansies. šŸ™‚

  • We aren’t looking for love, but this reporter sure was.
  • This husband and wife pair converted their minivan into a camper. Creative, but Amanda and I aren’t that comfortable with each other.
  • These two have a map and everything on their website.
  • Read these observations of an 11-day roadtrip across the country. (I think the trip made him slightly bitter.)
  • Pay special attention to the last paragraph of this film scout’s blog post. He has us re-mapping our entire trip!
  • Smithsonian Magazine posted a (rather long) nice story about the “Great American Roadtrip.”

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