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Washington, Ky.: Take a walk through time

The more I explore Kentucky, the more surprised I am by how many very interesting and beautiful things lurk in the next holler. One of the places that inspired me recently was a small village just south of Maysville, Ky. When I walk on flagstone sidewalks along Main Street, it’s easy to imagine hearing the clop of hooves on the road. What is harder to imagine is the impact the people of this blip on the map have had on the world.

To those who’ve gone before

In keeping with the spirit of roadtrips I wanted to share with you some of the websites I’ve come across in my online meanderings while preparing for this trip. I haven’t found anyone else who has camped their way across the country though. Pansies. 🙂 We aren’t looking for love, but this reporter sure was. This husband and wife pair converted their minivan into a camper. Creative, but Amanda and I aren’t that comfortable with each other. These two have a map and everything on their website. Read these observations of an 11-day roadtrip across the country. (I think the trip made him slightly bitter.) Pay special attention to the last paragraph of this film scout’s blog post. He has us re-mapping our entire trip! Smithsonian Magazine posted a (rather long) nice story about the “Great American Roadtrip.”