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Where’s my network now?


My beautiful picture

Monument Valley

New Gypsy Trip Tag(Writer’s note: This blog was written on the morning of Aug. 11, after I had been out of internet service for almost 24 hours. I posted it once I was back within the confines of the Verizon Wireless network.)

You remember the Verizon commercials with the guy in the black jacket going all over the country saying, “Can you hear me now?” Well, Verizon really needs to get their internet coverage up to the size of their calling network. I lost my internet not far out of Santa Fe yesterday morning and haven’t regained it. Amanda has Sprint, and has had coverage most of the time we’ve been out here, allowing her to keep up on her blog a little more. I think this just goes along with my general technology challenges while I’ve been on this trip.

I just can't get enough of this scenery!

I just can’t get enough of this scenery!

After Monument Valley, we cruised on over to Sedona, taking in some amazing red rock scenery along the way. We camped in Flagstaff, taking full advantage of the 24-hour laundry facility. Let me tell you, doing laundry at a campground is a pain. Load up the car, drive over, put in the wash. Drive back. Put the wash in the dryer. When the dryers only work for 12 minutes at a time, you repeat the driving up to the laundry three or four times until everything is dry. It might not sound so irritating to you now, but, let me tell you, at 10 p.m. when all you want to do is crash, its about the most irritating thing there is.

We left Flagstaff this morning and are headed to the Grand Canyon. If we were smart and had looked at a map more, we could have just stopped there yesterday and went to Sedona today. But we didn’t realize how close we were until it was too late to turn back.

After we finish at the Grand Canyon, we’re headed to Vegas, baby! And once there, I plan to make full use of internet.

Blogger’s Note: For video and more information about Monument Valley, check out my #TBT post on this leg of our trip. 


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