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As our original national park, Yellowstone has a huge reputation to live up to – and she does not disappoint. I’ve been lucky enough to get here twice and the second time was even better than the first.

TBT: Yellowstone National Park Part 2

Yellowstone is a place everyone must see before they die. It was America’s first national park and it’s the crown jewel. I haven’t seen all of the national parks, but I’ve seen many of them, and nothing I’ve seen come close to this.

#TBT: Yellowstone National Park Part 1

#ThrowbackThursday: Each Thursday, I revisit a past adventure and publish more of the story than made the first cut.. Beginning the series, I will be recounting parts of the Gypsy Trip – a cross-country endeavor in 2010.

Getting up close and personal with bison

After our white-knuckle trip into Cody, Wyoming and a 2 a.m. arrival, we slept in. For the first time on the trip we weren’t worried about covering miles, making up for lost time or being stranded. That day, all we had on our agenda was exploring. Cody is about 50 miles from the east entrance of the park, so we had an hour-long ride through some breathtaking Wyoming scenery a Big Boy statue – that we never did get a picture of. He was just hanging out near the road, double-decker burger and all. When we arrived at the park the weather was a little … unexpected. We’d prepared for the trip expecting Glacier to be cooler than Yellowstone and it was actually opposite. The weather in Montana couldn’t have been more perfect. But in Yellowstone, it was raining — pouring at times — and the cheap fleece I was wearing did absolutely nothing to keep me dry. After our first stop, which was a half mile hike from a parking lot to a restroom, …

Sheila giveth and Sheila taketh away

Note from Cassie: I’m posting this a few days late. The last couple days of the trip we had sketchy internet connections and I was tired of fighting my Blackberry to get things posted. Sorry for the delay!  Old Faithful I’m not sure if we should bless or curse the name of Sheila though. I think she’s pretty half and half right now between getting us lost and getting us where we need to go. We mapped our route in the cabin Sunday night to get to Yellowstone using Google Maps on our phones. We expected a two hour drive to get to Yellowstone but when we keyed our desination in Sheila, she told us it was going to take three hours to get there. Lewis Lake I was cursing the name of Sheila. We ended up on several state roads, one of which we were stuck in a 25-mile-per-hour construction zone behind a huge truck. But soon enough we realized that she was taking us through the Tetons and I was blessing the name …